Municity Mobile will provide you with the convenience to interact directly with the Municity database via any Android device, including smartphones and tablets (no need to synchronize once you get back to the office - you are working with live data).

Create complaints about inspection, appointments, and record assets. Reschedule inspections or reassign to another inspector. You can also edit inspection results from your Android device on-site rather than waiting until you get back into the office.

Review parcel details, (including owner information, permit and complaint history), source permits, complaints, future inspections, and past inspection results. View your and other inspectors' daily inspections and appointments with Google Maps or in a list format.

Municity Mobile includes sophisticated checklists with linked ordinance codes, standard comments, location, and picture capabilities. The convenient voice-to-text function helps you record results and notes without typing. This function helps you save time, and improve workflow so you can get more done, faster.


Citizen Engagement

City Squared is a GIS Centric public-facing citizen access portal that gives citizens the ability to accomplish a multitude of tasks. With City Squared, citizens are able to view detailed parcel information, pay fees, track the status of applications, permits, licenses, freedom of information requests, or rental registrations, and more.

Self-serve online permit and license application submissions reduce counter traffic and improve engagement; saving your citizens a trip or phone call. Citizens can apply for licenses, permits and, registrations (landlord, vacant properties, Airbnb, etc.) via your website by entering the address of the property, or by using a GIS parcel.

Once submitted, requests are fed directly into the system and routed to the appropriate staff member for review and resolution. All submitted information history is saved in the citizen’s account..