Municity Solutions:

Easily track, issue and print all permits, certificates, and licenses

  • Track renewals and expirations
  • Schedule inspections on new permits
  • Allow citizens to follow the approval process
  • Delinquent account notification
  • Accept fees online

Manage all of your inspection activity and scheduling:

  • Create recurring inspection
  • Schedule based on location
  • Conduct inspections on-site
  • Access checklists and history
  • Public-facing portal for contractors


Create, manage, and track all assets and work orders:

  • Track the lifecycle of all assets
  • Inventory all public assets
  • Geo-locate assets on site
  • Cite violations and take photos
  • Complete work orders on-site


Conduct work on-site, and increase transparency with citizens

  • Create complaints and appointments
  • Source permits and inspection results
  • Utilize voice-to-text
  • Self-serve citizen web app
  • Accept permit & licensing fees online

All Municity Solutions

Quick parcel searching capabilities with detailed parcel viewing screens.

Track all complaint activity, history, violations, and inspections.

Municity Mobile allows for on-site access to the Municity database.

Manage all aspects of area and land use variances, including parcels and permits.

Track and inventory the lifecycle of all assets of your organization.

Manage all of your inspection activity on-site or in the office.

Track, issue, and print all permits and certificates on-site or in the office.

Manage all aspects of the licensing process, including reporting.

Self-serve online portal for residents to increase transparency and reduce calls.

Issue and track all license applications and renewals, fees, expirations, and owners.

Simplify the creation, assignment, and completion of work orders on-site and in office.