Municity Enterprise software is an intuitive client/server parcel management program that integrates all aspect of you building, planning, zoning, engineer, fire inspectors, and many other departments. Enterprise allows users to quickly complete daily tasks that would normally take hours by breaking down information silos and creating workflow efficiencies.

There is no limit on the number of network workstations that can use the software within the municipality, and therefore no limit to the number of solutions that can be created. Below are just some of the features that will help you create a more efficient municipality.

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User Management

Break down municipal silos with our user management system. Set user rights for each user or group. Control access to each section of the program; allows for read-only, read/write, and administrative rights within each section. Includes ability to customize who can see each other’s calendars and who can schedule inspectors.

Customized Printing

Fully customizable printing for all documents and reports. Report creator allows you to create your own report parameters and save them as memorized reports. Reports can also be scheduled for printing on future dates or recurring dates, such as the end of each month. Additionally the system allows for creation of Microsoft Word “mail-merged” documents right from most printouts and reports.

Parcel History

Shows history of all activities related to a parcel, including permits, inspections, complaints, variances, and other actions. Allowing you to quickly find all information related to a parcel in one easy to read screen. Saving time and energy.

Appointment Calendar

Fully integrated appointment calendar for scheduling of tasks, meetings, etc. All items have the capability of being set as recurring (i.e. every third Wed. of the month), and having reminders set. The appointment calendar automatically synchronizes with your Microsoft Outlook.


Create better work flow management, by tracking all building permits from acceptance of an application through collection of fees, completion of inspections, and final issuance of CO’s or CC’s.


Full tracking and scheduling of inspections, from start to finish. Including check lists for field and office workers, documents, fees, and pictures that you can attach for all inspections. Inspection templates can be created for each permit type to ensure all inspection are completed before a permit is closed.

Console Module

The Municity console module is an extremely powerful way to view and examine your municipalities’ data. View businesses, license, permits, inspections, complaints, intuitive layout. Filter and search based on type, status, and names or addresses. Print reports, export to Excel or create Microsoft Word mail merged documents.

Fire / Safety Inspections

System allows for the creation of recurring inspections for such things as annual fire or elevator inspections. Annual notices can be sent out via a Mail Merge capability to the proper departments further connecting your town departments.


Track all complaints including issuance of violations based on the town code. Optionally complaint points can be assessed for each violation and a parcel can be locked (i.e. no permit can be issued) if the number of complaint points is too high within a certain time period.


Fully customizable fee structure allows for the creation of fees per your towns fee schedule including fee types based on sq. footage, cost of construction or other more complicated calculations.


The system allows for the creation of occupants for easier management of multiple units under one Parcel ID for management of Co-Ops, Malls, accessory apartments, etc. Keep detailed information on each occupant including owner, company, emergency contacts, fire inventory (knox box, fire suppression systems, etc.), occupancy type floor area, occupancy limit, etc. The data is live so it updates when you update no need to go back in and change information when a new store or occupant arrives.

Audit Trail

Complete audit trail is maintained on all activities, including archiving of all deleted records, documents and pictures, and tracking of all SQL statement for ease of recovery if necessary.