Municity Mobile for Android™ will provide you with the convenience to interact directly with the Municity database via any Androidâ„¢ device, including smart phones and tablets (no need to synchronize once you get back to the office - you are working with live data).

The Municity Mobile for Android™ application is a great investment for your municipality because of the efficiency it creates in your workforce. Check out the key features below.

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Compatible with: Enterprise| Municity 5| Assessment


Create complaints for inspection, appointments and record assets. Reschedule inspections or reassign to another inspector. You can also edit inspection results from your Android device on site rather than waiting until you get back into the office.

Data Within Reach

Stay connected to your municipal data even when you are out in the field. With Municity Mobile, you can review parcel details, (including owner information, permit and complaint history), source permits, complaints, future inspections and past inspection results.


Municity Mobile for Android™ v3.0 now lets you see the schedule and map together on one screen. Interact between the schedule and map, and manipulate the map using Google Maps™ features. This combined perspective gives you greater power in managing daily schedules.

Your Schedule at a Glance

View your and other inspectors' daily inspections and appointments with Google Maps™ or in a list format.

Street View

Get a more detailed look at the map using Google Street View™.

View Options

Search for items using the advanced search option. You can use different parameters to find assets, companies, licenses and more. Searched items are color coded based on status for clear viewing.

Voice-to-Text Field Entry

The convenient voice-to-text function helps you record results and notes without typing. This function helps you save time, and improve workflow so you can get more done, faster.