Provide your Customer with the convenience of online payments! SCA now provides a portal for users to easily pay their tax and utility bills via credit card, PayPal, or electronic check (ACH). Payments are automatically recorded in your SCA Collection Systems, saving you time and increasing accuracy.

SCA's online payment Software is used for over 75 different collections. SCA's online payment software helps to simplify your life.

How It Works

  • Your customer connect to the SCA Payment Website seamlessly through your municipal website.
  • Payers bring up their bill by entering one of several search options such as name, address, or bill number.
  • Payers confirm their bill information and enter their payment information (IE: a credit card or bank routing number). All payment information is verified for accuracy.
  • Electronic check payments (ACH) may be subject to a charge by the processor bank.
  • All payments are processed securely with no sensitive data being stored.
  • Payments are automatically processed and placed into payment batches in the SCA Collection Systems based on the date, and type of the payment. All bills will be marked as pending.
  • Since the On-Line Tax Payment feature is fully integrated with the SCA Tax Collection System, the status of paid and pending bills is available at the time of payment. This prevents duplicate payments.
  • Reconciliation of ACH and credit card payments are done daily via emails as well as reports from the ACH processing bank and the PayPal® website.
  • Receipts are emailed to the taxpayer and the municipality automatically for payments made through the site.
  • Receipts are emailed to the taxpayer automatically for credit card payments.
  • ACH payments are not official until they have “cleared” the bank. The taxpayer will receive only a confirmation of the payment submission. Official receipts may be issued at a later date by your tax office.
  • Account balance details are display on the website to help reducing phone calls to your offices.