PAS is the most comprehensive assessment system available. PAS was designed to optimize your assessment workflow, with detailed work screens and a complete set of available reports, PAS simplifies your work. PAS handles all New York State Assessment Rules and regulations and is the answer to your RPS frustrations.

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Fast Parcel Search Capabilities

  • Using the following criteria:
    • Name
    • Parcel ID
    • School SBL
    • Legal Address
    • Street Name

Detailed Parcel View Screens

  • Multiple parcel viewing
  • User-defined parcel fields
  • View present and previous owners

Mailing and legal address

  • Class assessments
  • Exemptions
  • Removed exemptions
  • Denied exemptions
  • Special districts
  • Unlimited Sales History with Owner Progression Viewer
  • History of Assessed Values and Full Market Values
  • Full Residential and Commercial Inventory
  • County, Municipal, and School Taxable Value
  • Pictures and Documents (Excel, MS Word, WordPerfect)
  • Unlimited Notes
  • History of Parcel Evolution (splits \ merges)
  • Detailed Audit Information

Easy Parcel Modification

  • Make Simultaneous Changes to Both this Year and Next Year’s Data
  • Sales Transactions
  • Split, Merge, and Remap Parcels
  • Add, Inactivate or Reactivate Parcels
  • Built-in Exemption Renewal Processing

Tax Billing

  • PAS leads you step-by-step through the process
  • Create a Tax Collection Cycle
  • Set Tax Rates
  • Clear \ Set Arrears Flags
  • Load Relevies \ Unpaid Water Charges
  • Calculate Tax Bills
  • Print Tax Roll and STAR Reimbursement Form
  • Print Tax Bills
  • Extract Billing Files (147, 155 and 160)
  • Create Third Party Notifications


  • Report Manager Supports Easy Storage and Retrieval of Reports
  • Reports Can be Printed to Screen and/or Printer
  • Some of the reports include:
    • Assessment by Property Class Report
    • Assessment Rolls
    • Assessment Summary Report
    • Assessment Variance Report
    • Assessor’s Report (including RPS 210T1 extract file to NYS ORPS)
    • Assessor’s Verification Report
    • Audit Reports
    • Assessor’s Trial Balance Report
    • Assessor’s Trail Report
    • Exemption Comparison Report
    • Name \ Address Audit Trail Report
    • Special District Comparison Report
    • Split \ Merge Audit Report

Other Features

  • Integrates With SCA Delinquent Tax System, Tax Collection System, and Code Enforcement System
  • Bulk or by Parcel Loading of Pictures
  • Easy “One Click” Year End Rollover
  • Helpful Real-Time Data Checking Averts Costly Mistakes
  • Parcel List Allows for Dynamic Transfer of Data Between Reports
  • Bank Code Import
  • Tracking of Removed and Denied Exemptions
  • Full Westchester Logic
  • Full File Extract (995 File)
  • Management Task Reminders