With detailed work screens and a complete set of available reports, SCA's Tax Collection Software SCA’s tax software provides you with the tools you need to stay ahead of the work.

SCA's Tax Collection Software is used by over 70 municipalities. Integrated with Online Payments, SCA's Tax Collection Software simplifies your life.

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Fast Parcel Search Capabilities

  • Search using any of the following: Name, Parcel ID, School, SBL, Legal address, Street name, Bill number, Account number

Detailed Parcel View Screens

  • Information shown includes: owner mailing and legal address, assessments, school code, exemptions, special districts
  • Unlimited years of payment history
  • Bills pending and paid including base tax amount, penalties and fees
  • One-click bill and receipt printing

Batch Processing of Tax Bill Payments

  • Bill payment entry screen allows for easy payment entry
  • POS (Point of Sale) bill payment feature prints receipts instantly
  • Tax payment batch processing:
  • Delinquency processing
  • Prints detailed record of all paid bills
  • Allows for printing of receipts
  • Balances all collections daily

Inclusive Set of Reports

  • Track all bill and parcel information modifications
  • Report manager supports easy storage and retrieval of reports
  • Reports can be viewed on screen prior to\ instead of printing
  • Reports include:
    • Account status report
    • Paid bills report
    • Bank deposit report
    • Delinquent accounts report
    • Bank code report
    • Roll verification report
    • Over \ short payments report

Other Features

  • Integrates fully with our Online Web Payments option.
  • All Taxpayer Bill of Rights information viewable on screen
  • Multi-tiered security access
  • Modifiable reminder notices
  • Automatic penalty calculation
  • Automated TSO processing
  • Guaranteed yearly data conversion from billing information
  • Fully network compatible
  • Attach documents to a file
  • Complete help screens
  • Prompt, courteous, and efficient phone help