Increase your office productivity with our Utility Billing Software.

Track customers readings, consumption, billing, accounts receivable and history all in one easy to use software package.

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Meter Reading & Consumption Tracking

  • Supports Neptune, Bardger, and Sensus hand-held meter readers (adaptable to other hand-held technologies)
  • Rapid key entry of manual meter readings
  • Consumption management reporting
  • Exception Reporting
  • Missing Readings Report

Fast and Easy Account Search Capabilities

  • Simple Search using account number, name, service address, tax map number, Meter Numbers, and Bill Number
  • Advanced Search using up to 4 search criteria from any data found in the system
  • Payment Search Capabilities – Find a payment in a batch based on Customer Number, Transaction Number, Check Number or Payment Amount.

Payments and A/R Processing

  • Aged Trial Balance Report
  • Payments processing and Manual account adjustments with full audit trails
  • Automated Penalty Calculation
  • Delinquency processing
  • Bounced check processing
  • Relevy processing: transfers all unpaid utility bills to tax rolls at end of fiscal year
  • Easy Single screen adjustments of Bills still in A/R through History screens
  • Integrates fully with our Online Web Payments option.

Bill Calculation and

  • Automated Bill Calculation
  • Flexible Billing Cycles (Monthly, Quarterly, Etc.)
  • Unlimited Number of Districts
  • Unlimited Number of Rate Tables (Flat, Metered And Unitary)
  • Unlimited Unique service types per account
  • Bill print options: plain paper bills, enclosed mailers, or custom formatted bills
  • Bulk or Singular Printing or Reprinting of Bills
  • Complete Journal of Bills Posted to Accounts Receivable
  • Bills Can be Printed to Screen and/or Printer
  • Easy single screen adjustments of Bills

Other Features

  • Work Order Processing
  • Call Center – For tracking calls from your customers
  • Meter Inventory Tracking
  • Optional Backflow feature for maintaining backflows
  • Optional General Ledger Export.